Monday, December 14, 2009

My Christmas Epiphany (or Nick's Christmas Present)

I truly had an epiphany in November regarding Nick's gift. I'm not sure if I've talked about this before, but one of Nick's main hobbies is tabletop gaming. He plays one game called Blood Bowl, which is fantasy football in board game form. And when I say fantasy football, I mean it. His team is made up of dwarfs and there are also elves, orcs, giant rats, etc. (Hence "fantasy") Get it?

So I was watching football one Sunday (yes I watch football) and saw a commercial for where you can customize any teams jersey. Nick's team is called Da Beards (dwarfs have long beards, get it?) and is Chicago Bears colours. I decided to get him a Bears jersey with his teams name on it.

Isn't it great!!?

I was so excited that I already gave it to him and he LOVED it!!! Yay!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

All right people, we now have 99 days, let's hustle!

That’s right, as of today we’re into double digits and there is so much left to do!!!


This month my goals are:
-Print, assemble, and address the invitations
-Reserve our tablecloths & candelabras
-Finishing etching our toasting pilsners (started months ago and I kept putting it off)
-Etch our sand vase
-Get the guys’ attire finalized and reserved
-Start planning our rehearsal dinner
-Confirm the cake design
-Figure out how we're getting to the ceremony, reception, and back home
*Finish Christmas shopping!!

There is so much to do and I am blessed with a wonderful fiance who doesn't mind helping and great MOH and bridesmaids to help too! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Nick and I have been engaged for almost a year and it has FLOWN by!!

What have I done since the last time?
-We have finalized our invitation design, but you don't get to see it until they are all done and in the mail.
-We had our first counseling session last night. It was really interesting find out our strengths and weaknesses and now we know what to work on.
-Got together with my DOC and planned out the ceremony and reception layouts.
-I put in for time off from work.
-Our honeymoon is finally booked! Our we are officially going to (I know, there has been lots of discussion on where we're going) the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii.



I am very excited, having never been to Hawaii, and this island looks absolutely gorgeous. *sigh* I'm so glad we only have 99 days left! I can't wait!!!

Have a happy weekend!