Thursday, April 30, 2009

Piece of cake

I've been looking at cakes and I don't want the traditional tiered cake. I want separate cakes at different heights like these:


Source: Desert Designs

Anyway, you get the idea; I want separate cakes on different heights of cake stands. And I also want orange lilies on the cakes. Now I just need to find a baker to bake my cakes!

Now here's some fun cakes I found:





Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Check out this giveaway!!

Hop on over to Misadventures of a Newlywed and check out the monogram towel giveaway! They are so cute!


They would be perfect for a tropical honeymoon or just a day at the beach!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New color added!

I've talked to Nick, Mom, and bridesmaids and we've decided to add another color to the palette, but only for the reception. So, without further ado (I love that word, I never really knew what it meant until I watched 'Much Ado About Nothing')
Ceremony: Red & white (just like before)
Reception: Red, white,!

That's right, orange. I was trying to find an Asiatic lily, or similar type, in true red, but was only finding burgundy and pink. I ran across this picture and really liked how the color popped.

I really love this picture, taken at Matangi Resort in Fiji. It has been the inspiration for the new color scheme:

Here is a collage that I made, hopefully it doesn't look like a bunch of totally random pictures, but makes sense regarding my scheme.

So now our flowers have slightly changed regarding the reception; the ceremony will be the same as before, colors and everything. So here I go again:

My bouquet-red & white long stemmed calla lilies wrapped w/ red & white ribbon & Nanna's pearls
MOH bouquet-red long stemmed calla lilies wrapped w/ white (or red) ribbon
BMs bouquets-white long stemmed calla lilies wrapped w/red ribbon
JBs bouquets-white short stemmed bouquets wrapped w/ red ribbon
Boutonnieres & corsages-white & red mini calla lilies, going to depend on what the guys wear as to which color of flower they wear

Cake-decorated with orange Asiatic lilies
Centerpieces-red & orange fruit & white (silk probably) mini calla lilies

Does any of that make sense? Be honest now, what do you think?

Picture sources: Orange lilies, Sunset, Bridal party posing: Victoria Souza Photography, Bride hair: Project Wedding, Red wedding dress: , Heart in hands: , Hands in Sand: , Matangi treehouse, Calla lily bouquet: , Card box, Cake topper, Cake, Ring dish

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm a bad blogger

Okay, I just have to start with something funny, when I first typed the title, is said, "I'm a bag blooger". Oops, my bad :)

Anyway, I haven't posted in a while because nothing is really happening right now. I have got a few smaller things checked off the list:
1. I signed the contract and paid the deposit for the photographer (I'm so excited, I LOVE her work).
2. One of my junior bridesmaids has been asked, one to go (which is Nick's job when he talks to his brother about being a groomsman and kids being in the wedding).

And that's all I've done in the last few weeks, besides having a tooth removed, but that's not really relevant.

I have made a few decisions that I wasn't sure about (did I mention I love lists?):
1. I am going to dye my crinoline to match the red on my dress, so there is an extra pop of color for pictures
2. The junior bridesmaids are going to be just that, not candle lighters like originally planned. The candles will be lit before the ceremony and the two girls will carry bouquets down the aisle after the bridesmaids and stay up there for the ceremony.
3. We are going to do a lei ceremony during the wedding. Nick is part Hawaiian on his mother's side and I wanted to do something traditional to a Hawaiian wedding.
4. I am going to wear two veils for pictures before the ceremony, a fingertip and a cathedral. I am having problems with one decision though, which veil to wear during the ceremony? I love the look of the longer veil, but if I wore that one, I would have to switch veils before the reception. What do you think?

I'm really beginning to hate the phrase "only a year"