Thursday, September 17, 2009

Table mock up

Friday night my bridesmaid, MOH, & I had a party to celebrate the wedding being in six months (I know, we’ll do anything for a party). And by party, I mean we went to dinner and then made a guest table mock up to see how it will look. Here is the diagram I made in Excel:


And here is how our table turned out.


(Note: These pictures were taken with my cell phone because I STILL have not bought a charger for my camera battery.)

Now before you go dogging on my table, that is NOT going to be the centerpiece. That was a random vase and plastic flowers I had lying around to simulate our fruit centerpiece. Also, I would like to note that the two lilies in the vases will be orange, not white (and they won't look ridiculous staring straight up in the air). Let’s see, what else? Our candy dishes will have M&Ms in them, not Dove’s chocolates; and I think we will have red and clear marbles in the votive holders instead of only red. An LED candle (or throwie, haven’t decided) will be buried in the marbles so it will glow through the marbles.

So here is what is going on our tables:
-Red or orange table cloths (alternating)
-White table runners
-fruit and chocolate centerpiece
-Under centerpiece will be a piece of glass with our engagement pictures underneath
-2 bud vases with a single, orange Asiatic lily in each
-4 votive holders with red and clear marbles and an LED candle/throwie
-2 candy dishes with red, orange, and white M&Ms
-Information cards with a website where people can upload their pictures

What do you all think of our table? Any suggestions?

Oh, before I forget SIX MONTHS UNTIL THE WEDDING!!! I couldn't help but throw that in here. :)

And another little note, we received our save the dates in the mail and they are beautiful if I do say so myself (and I do). I will show you when they have been sent out. I'm so excited!!!

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