Friday, January 2, 2009


Okay, now that I've decided to start writing a blog, I don't know what to say. Guess I'll start with an introduction.

My name is Samantha and I'M ENGAGED!!! No really, I am! My fiancee, Nick, proposed Christmas morning while everyone was asleep. It was just the two of us and very cute and romantic (although some may not think so; go read someone else's blog). Nick came and woke me up and crawled in bed with me. I was a bit groggy at first, not understanding him talking about how he asked the rest of my family already. But let me tell you, I was wide awake when he said that he'd love to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him ! I was told by a lot of people that I glowed for the next few days, and still do when I talk about it. The proposal was perfect for the two of us, nothing showy or in front of people; very private and simple.

So now I am ready to start planning...or...start planning for real. I've been planning this wedding since last summer when I decided I wanted to marry Nick (actually I decided last March, but that's beside the point). But now that I get to really start planning, I don't know where to begin.

Guess we should pick a date first, but so far, no one can agree on one that works. We started in October of 2009, but that got shot down, so now we are in March of 2010 and since a long way off, no one knows what will work. I'm trying not to get frustrated or start worrying because I want to have fun planning this wedding and making it special to Nick and I. BTW, I worry a lot (thanks Mom) and usually over small things, so if I start to rant about small things, let me know. Nick reminds me often to take it easy and not worry.

I do have some things that I want for sure, such as:
  1. Colors: red, white, and some silver accents
  2. Flowers: calla lilies (maybe some others, but not many)
  3. Bridesmaids get to pick their own (red) dresses
  4. Music for the ceremony
  5. Photo guestbook

So I guess I have a small start, but where to go from there?
  1. Set date
  2. Ceremony site
  3. Reception site
  4. Officiant
  5. Guest list
  6. Attendants list (I'm pretty much done, need Nick's side and the flower girl, ring bearer, and such finalized)
  7. Set budget

I can't really go any further until I get those things. Looks like fun doesn't it?

Oh! Want to see my ring? I'm warning you, it's gorgeous and you'll want one.



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  1. Congrats, Sam and Nick! How exciting! I will think of you guys every time I see anything related to weddings now! And, I'll keep checking your blog for updates!