Monday, June 15, 2009

Yay for checking it off the list!!

Ordering my dress that is! I am so excited that I got to order my dress this weekend and on the 13th too, which means nine months until the wedding!!!

Side note (but not a small one): My dress was about $200 less than I thought it was going to be and that is just awesome! And my two girls that ordered their dresses were also less expensive than we were figuring. I am so glad I stayed local and bought at the boutique in town and she honored my coupon which came from the dealer and not her shop. Now I just have to wait the six months to get my dress in. *sigh*

I was naughty and only took one picture with my phone (sorry if it's blurry or grainy) because I was not going to take a picture while we were being measured.

Here are my MOH and one of my bridesmaids paying for their dresses, Shannon & Kristen (is behind Shannon and kinda hard to see).

My third bridesmaid, Megan, was there for a while, but wasn't buying a dress because her crafty mother is making it!! Wish I was that talented, but oh well. :)


  1. Thats great that they took your coupon...what a great shop. What does your dress look like!! Congrats...isnt it a great feeling! :)