Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding website!!

So we're six 1/2 months out, according to The Knot ticker.


And we finally have our wedding website up!!! So go check it out!!

Tomorrow is 200 days to go!!!!!!!!!! Whoopee!

What have we done in the last few weeks?
-Designed STDs (save the dates) - they will be ordered with my next paycheck and after sent out, you get to see them.
-Decided we're not going to Fiji for our honeymoon, so now it is a surprise to me. But I am totally fine with that decision. All I require for a honeymoon is Nick (and a little sun would be nice).
-And we booked our DJ, but I already told you that.

What needs done soon:
-Get the Preparedness survey from our officiant so we can start counseling
-Order, address, & mail STDs (already said that)
-Nick needs to design our invitations
-Buy a pattern and fabric so Granny can take it with her to Arkansas to make the flower girl dress.

I love planning my wedding!!

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  1. OMG - I think back to when I was celebrating being 200 days away...and I don't really know where the 140 days in between then and now have gone!