Thursday, March 4, 2010

Single digits!! *happy dance*


So much is going on right now that I haven't really had time to blog! Sorry!

On Tuesday, my granny came over and we had a work party. We spent the evening putting tags on bracelets and ribbons on bubbles. I took pictures with my phone so you can kind of see what we were doing.

I had to print out 250 little tags and then punch holes in all of them to put the ribbon through.


Granny, my sister, and her fiance spent the evening threading the tags onto ribbon and then tying them around the bracelets. All 250!!


It took a while, but we got all of them done.


Then I got to working on the bubbles. I ended up getting all of the red ribbon done, which is only half, but now I only have half left. It's not so bad I guess.

I could have made it a lot easier on myself by just tying a not and clipping the ends short, but the bows were so cute! (Not that you can see them very well in the picture, but oh well. Take my word for it!)

This week I've been going through my closet and I finally decided to just pick an outfit for each day of the week until the wedding. Then I could take the rest of my clothes over to our new house. I was shocked when my clothes went from filling two rods to being about a foot thick on ONE rod!!
Might not be easy to see in the picture, but the small amount of clothes on the left are the ones I am wearing this week and next. I had a "moment" and had to sit down and just stare at it. Where has the time gone!!? I only have 9 days left and a fairly long to do list left!!

It is going down though, here it what is left:
-Print poem for memorial table (will take two minutes)
-Take engraved vase to Your Marketplace (again, two minutes, minus travel time)
-Make card box (I need to find plain, red wrapping paper & an appropriate cardboard box
-Pick out young-ish pictures for under glass (mine are done, now I just need Nick's)
-Put ribbons on bubbles (only orange is left)
-Ribbons on tossing flowers (I have both, now I just need to sit down and do it)
-Decorate centerpieces (I need to get red floral paper to put around the pot)
-Make CD for DJ
-Make CD of prelude & postlude music
-Print vows & 'Union' poem on invitation paper (need to get Nick's vows)
-Finalize rehearsal dinner details (mostly done)
-Gifts to parents
-Pass out schedule to all involved (only have a few left to pass out)
-Pay videographer
-Buy reception food (doing this on saturday, we're doing a nacho bar!)
-Honeymoon itineraries to parents
-Get pedestals from Beth and Matt (bridesmaids is doing this)
-Pack bags for honeymoon!
-Prepare bag to take to wedding (with emergency kit)
-Guys' final fittings & pick up tuxes (next thursday)
-Rings cleaned (day before)
-Assign someone to be in charge of ring bearer's dish, flower, girl basket, etc.
-Designate someone to transport card box to McClelland
-Go to credit union for honeymoon, tip, & emergency money
-Paint fingernails & toenails
-Pick up rentals & pay balance (day before
-Set up ceremony (morning of day before)
-Set up reception (afternoon of day before)
-Gifts to bridesmaids (at rehearsal)
-Have someone pick up my bouquet and the memorial flowers (morning of)

Whew! Still a long list, but we'll get it done.

This weekend we're buying the food for the reception (like I said in the to do list) and it's my bachelorette party!! Stay tuned for THAT post and pictures!!

9 days!!!!

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  1. Wow! So exciting! That is a lot but I'm sure you'll get everything done in time! Looking forward to more!