Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I bring this sort of thing on myself

I've known all along that we wanted to put M&Ms on the tables, just because we could get them in our colors and they made an easy treat for our guests. I was getting ready to order 15 pounds (yes you read that right) online, when it was mentioned by Dad that I should hit up the after Valentine's Day sales for our red and white M&Ms. Genius!! Shannon and I made the trek to Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon and bought 19 bags of M&Ms!

Then we got home and the work began. If you remember right, Valentine's colors are red, white, and PINK. We had to take out ALL of the pink M&Ms from ALL 19 bags. My wonderful Shannon/Maid of Honor and my brother's wonderful girlfriend helped me separate the M&Ms, thank goodness.


Wonderful Shannon

Brother's wonderful girlfriend :-)

About halfway through this ordeal, we realized that we would only end of with half of the white M&Ms that we needed. Not a big deal. Now I only have to buy half the amount I needed.

Total cost of red and (half of) white M&Ms? $26.00
Cost online? $150.00
I love bargain shopping. Two bad Halloween isn't before my wedding for my orange M&Ms.

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